About us, what we do!

Our Vision is to enable clients to realise a Work Optional Lifestyle by simplifying their complex financial situations, empowering them to realise their life goals earlier than they thought possible.

Take back control of your life!

It’s our mission to help you realise a Work Optional Lifestyle. We take your complex financial situations, ascertain your goals and aspirations, identify the different resources you have and put a simple and effective plan together. It means you can take back control of your life with proper planning that will set you & your family up for generations to come.

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Why we do this

Doug’s parents died within 12 weeks of each other aged 64 & 63. His father had promised his wife they would travel the world and have some fun together when they retired. Sadly, they were not able to do this due to illness and a broken heart! What was heartrending was that Doug’s father already had the finances to enable him to retire 3 or 4 years earlier but didn’t know it.
Unsurprisingly, over the last 30+ years, Doug has met many people who could make work optional but didn’t know it. The difference is that Doug has been able to help them realise their financial goals and enable them to make Work Optional, rather than compulsory, a lot sooner than they realised!

Work Optional Lifestyle Financial Planning™

Work Optional Lifestyle Financial Planning™ is designed to enable you to realise your goals and ambitions before normal retirement age. Life is not a rehearsal, so we urge you act now.

Who knows, you could make work optional even earlier than you think!