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It has been reported that around 60% of us neglect our estate planning and fail to establish a sufficient will before we pass. As a result, next of kin are left with additional emotional and financial strain during an already very difficult time. You could even risk losing all of the wealth that you have acquired during your lifetime. Is it really worth ignoring?  

There are several reasons why many deliberately ignore the planning of their estate. At DB Wealth Planning & Preservation, we have found that the most common is a fear of one’s own death or changing the family dynamic, not to mention the expense, time and complexities that many think it involves. 

We also understand that these are difficult conversations to have, but it is never too early to start making preparations for the future of both yourself and your family.

To get started, receive our FREE Ultimate Estate Planning Health Check, by completing the form.

Once you have completed the form, we will send you a link to a short questionnaire that will help us determine your current position. You will then receive a report on your will, or indeed, lack of one. It will outline how we can help you move forward and build a great estate plan for you.

estate planning
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