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Our founder, Doug Bennet, has started a podcast series where he, and various guests, discuss everything there is to know about goal setting, achieving those goals, and personal development.

Doug opens each podcast by explaining how he started with goal setting. “In 2004, I wrote 11 goals in a 59p notebook, and it got tucked away in a drawer. When I found it 5 years later, I found that I had completed 10 out of the 11 goals that I had written down. So, I set myself some more challenging goals, and I now find myself in a completely different financial position.”

He has interviewed many interesting and knowledgeable people to discuss how effective goal setting, defined goals, and mindset can be to aid in personal growth. From Achieving Milestones with Jason Butler (a legend in financial services) to Millionaire Mindset with Steven Green (multi-award-winning property trainer and best-selling author), he talks about how to set and achieve both long-term and short-term goals.

One particular interviewee was Mark Baker, who is a motivational speaker, coach, and author of An Unbreakable Spirit. The podcast (Episode 9: An Unbreakable Spirit with Mark Baker) focuses on goal setting, visualisation, beliefs, and the Law of Attraction, with conversations around Mark’s younger self, and an interesting exercise involving an imaginary lemon!

Mark was physically and mentally abused for the first 20 years of his life, which he also talks about in his book. Understandably, this was very difficult for him, but it is the reason why he got into personal development – he was going to actively try to fix himself.

One of the techniques Mark came across, which he found was the most powerful for setting goals, was visualisation. He doesn’t believe in the saying ‘I’ll believe it when I see it” and says, “everything that comes into your life comes from belief, belief is the driving force in your life, and visualisation is the key”. He then proceeds to talk us through the lemon exercise – which you can try for yourself. Simply jump to 9:10 within the podcast – tag us on social and let us know what happened to you!

There is so much to be learnt from all of these podcasts! If this is something that is speaking to you and you want to learn more on personal development plans, goals that actually excite you, and catching your dreams, listen to Doug’s ever-growing podcast series by clicking on one of the links below: 

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