The importance of goals & thoughtful planning for your future wealth

The importance of goals & thoughtful planning for your future wealth

The thought I would share with you the importance of goals when it comes to creating an effective and thoughtful plan for your future wealth.

People talk about their dreams& goals all the time. Goals are simply dreams with a deadline, a finite end date, something specific and something measurable. They need to be important, relevant and realistic. Sometimes you need to be held accountable so that you can keep track.

An integral part of our process is to find out exactly what it is you want to achieve? We will help you define where you are going and the different routes available to you. We will help you create the most straightforward route to your destination whilst providing alternatives to life’s bumps in the road. We are your financial Sat-Nav!

It is difficult for most people to appreciate how important this aspect of your planning can be. In 2012 I came across an old goals book that I had written in 2004 and found that whilst the book had been tucked away in the desk drawer for a number of years, I had completed 10/11 of those goals and this set me on a path to understanding the importance of goal setting and regular reviews.

I now find myself to be in a work optional lifestyle financial position and dedicate much of this situation to writing down what I wanted to achieve in my life. Even running the London Marathon!

In my new goal’s booklet, I write every day that I want to help as many clients as I can achieve a work optional lifestyle financial position and to use a simple and effective process to achieve it.

If you would be interested in receiving the copy of my book Goals Do Come True, please complete our short questionnaire, to see if we can add value to your situation.

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