Wealth Preservation

The Wealth Preservation Planning concept has been designed around preserving family wealth, to ensure that as much of your hard-earned capital is kept as tax efficient as possible.

A secure financial future for you & your family

You have spent your whole life creating your wealth, you will have used tax efficient vehicles like pensions, and ISA’s to create it. The cruel irony is that when you die, without the right planning in place, all the advantages you have created could be lost to people you would prefer not to benefit. Creating the right will and trust will mean your estate is secure and safe, and will prove hugely beneficial in preserving family wealth. Click the link below to get started with our FREE Ultimate Estate Planning Checklist. 

preserving family wealth

Worried your tax advantages could be lost?

Losing the tax advantages you have built up over the years is very easy to do. HMRC will be looking for as much inheritance tax as possible without the right planning in place. Fortunately this is not a scenario our clients are faced with. With our guidance and help their estate has the right executors, trustees and beneficiaries in place so your money will go to who and where you intended. It all starts with our FREE Ultimate Estate Planning Checklist. 

The Wealth Preservation Service Includes:

  1. A thorough review of your existing Will.
  2. We will ensure your will complies with and takes advantage of the New Residence Nil Rate band and spouses’ transfer.
  3. Ensure that your will is set up to protect your children and grandchildren from inter-generational inheritance tax.
  4. Safeguard your estate so it stays in the family and is not lost to bankruptcy, divorce or long-term care fees.

We take our clients estate planning very seriously. So much so we have developed a FREE Estate Planning report that will help you see where your estate planning needs improvement. Click the button below to start the process.

preserving family wealth